We are committed to sharing the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda in a safe, fun and nurturing atmosphere in order to bring greater health, happiness and well being to others.  We bring people into remote areas of Alaska so they can "tune out" of modern society and really "tune in" to themselves.  We utilize daily yoga and meditation, healthy Ayurvedic meals, building community and a sense of adventure to do so.  We believe this helps people access their inherent nature: peace, serenity and bliss. 

Adventuring outside is fun.  Yoga is fun.   Life should be fun too.  Sanskrit calls this fun "Lila-" or divine play.  Doing something for the sheer joy of it; having no desire or attachment to the outcome. We try to bring this attitude into all of our adventures.  Fun and joy are our natural states of being.

At Alaska Yoga Adventures, we go deep into Alaskan wilderness to connect with nature, reconnect with ourselves and genuinely connect with others.  When we spend time in nature we create space within ourselves- this allows us to gain insight and rejuvenates our entire minds, bodies and souls.

We specialize in Alaskan sea kayaking, river rafting and hiking adventures.  We offer custom adventures for groups of yogi's with their own adventurous intentions. 

Om Shanti.