Sea Kayaking Packing List

We will provide dry bags for you to pack your gear into.  When sea kayaking, smaller bags are best- I usually put my clothing into trash compactor or Ziploc bags, THEN stuff into a dry bag.  Keep in mind we stuff the drybags into our kayaks; no fragile items please!

We will provide all kayaking equipment: boats, PFD’s, paddles, safety gear, etc. 



I usually bring 2 sets of clothing: paddling clothes (I wear this under my rain gear/paddle pants) and then a second set for camping/hiking).  On trips I usually practice yoga in my base layers, sometimes my yoga pants…sometimes my long underwear J

 I HIGHLY recommend having quality raingear- pretty much mandatory for any Alaska trip


·         Rain Jacket

·         Moisture wicking T shirt/tank top

·         2 NON COTTON insulating base layers

·         2 medium weight NON COTTON mid layer (polypro, fleece, wool, etc)

·         Warm jacket


·         Rain pants

·         2 pairs NON COTTON long underwear (one for paddling, one for camp)

·         NON COTTON Athletic pants (for hiking/camp)

·         Pants for yoga (anything goes!)

·         Shorts, Sleeping pants, skhoop skirt (optional items, weather depending)


·         We will provide paddling gloves/pogies, but feel free to bring your own if you have them

·         Gloves for camp (optional, bring if you have cold hands)


·         Warm hat

·         Sunhat w/brim

·         Sunglasses



·         3-4 pairs warm NON COTTON socks

·         Rubber boots or neoprene booties for paddling (if you don’t have either, let us know; you can rent from us) I prefer rubber boots, that way I have dry feet) If the weather looks warm, you might be able to get away with chacos…but I would bring rubber boots regardless)

·         Shoes for camp/hiking

·         Sandals/crocs (optional)



We will provide tents, but feel free to use your own if you’d rather.  Let us know if you’d like to rent sleeping bags or sleeping pads


·         Synthetic Sleeping Bag (rated 20 deg or lower)

·         Insulated Sleeping Pad (closed cell foam or air/thermarest)

·         Camp pillow (optional, I usually throw my jacket into a stuff sack or something)


·         Extra ziplocs and trash compactor bags

·         Small packable camp chair or sit-pad

·         Minor 1st aid kit (personal meds, little fixes for personal “owies”)

·         Sunscreen, lip balm and sunglasses

·         Camera

·         Insect repellant if you use it

·         Water Bottle (32 oz min)

·         Coffee/tea mug

·         Headlamp

·         Toiletries (fyi: we will have toilet paper, but feel free to have your own stash)

·         Notebook and pen/pencil, Reading book (optional)


·         I usually practice yoga in my paddling or hiking clothes, but that is always weather depending.  This is a personal choice.

·         Yoga Mat: Bring an outdoor yoga mat, a cheaper/older one, or one you don’t mind getting some wear and tear on.  I usually use a closed cell-foam insulated sleeping pad for outdoor yoga, but again, it’s up to you. 

Note: Mats will be provided for the indoor practice in Anchorage at Open Space.