Yoga in the wilderness. 


Experience Alaska.

Nurture your Mind, Body & Soul.

We offer wilderness sea kayaking, rafting & hiking trips for yogis who want some adventure with their practice.  Alaska Yoga Adventures specializes in yoga retreats and trips that take you to wild places so you can tune into yourself and nature.   Enliven your spirit.  Connect with nature. 

What better place than Alaska?

Return to nature. Our bodies have a primordial need to be nourished by natural surroundings.  When this deprivation occurs, we often feel disconnected- from ourselves and others. Go outside-replenish yourself!

Balanced and grounded lifestyles don't magically happen- we have to create space and intentions.  Use one of our expeditions to bring back balance and health in your life.  Have fun with it.  Explore remote and wild places.  Connect with others. 

Join us for an Alaskan yoga adventure.

Upcoming 2017 Alaskan Yoga Retreats & Trips